Security: Do we feel more secure with more cameras on public places?

More cameras in future for more secure???

How we will guarantee the security for everyone in future??


  • Gustavo Ribeiro Team Karlsruhe ist dagegen

    I'm not a big fan of CCTV cameras. They're literally everywhere now in some countries like England. I feel there's no privacy at all and we are being observed, controlled the whole time. The access of these cameras could also be easily hacked so dangerous people would know where a determinated person is atm and what he/she is doing.

  • Daria Belkina Team Krasnodar

    I will agree that surveillance cameras in the societal places are necessary in an society, for observance of a orderliness and prevention of crime on city streets, but a main goal that people weren't afraid of supervision over them and knew that it for ensuring their safety, but not invasion into their life.

  • Artem Sobolev Team Krasnodar ist dafür

    Cameras in public places are needed. They really have a positive effect on maintaining order and help in the prevention / detection of crime.

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