Automation: Robots at the service of human

City of the future, I can imagine how the city where people have more free time for self-development: reading books, sports, activities for children. To create that city, we need to work on the automation of processes which are still performed by people: it is heavy and harmful work, monotonous work, work performed on certain algorithms, routing, etc. All of these things in the future will be able to take on the robots. Street cleaning robot are starting to appear on the streets of cities, already appear quadrocopter-postmen, as builders may be able to perform construction 3D-printer. Robots can help the elderly at home - bringing food from the store, get out of the house (such programs are implemented in Japan). Intelligent systems installed in our homes with the help of sensors can monitor your health and to warn of deviations appeared. Robots learn to manage transport. They do not get tired, they do not have emotions (yet). They are great assistants in human life.


  • Gustavo Ribeiro Team Karlsruhe ist dagegen

    The problem here is: yet we humans are still the bosses, but it could happen that in some years the robots take our places.

    • Artem Sobolev Team Krasnodar ist dagegen

      You are not quite right. On the possible implications of the creation of artificial intelligence and The Three Laws of Robotics, which limits him. Isaac Asimov wrote "Three Laws of Robotics" back in 1942 in the short story "Runaround" in the wake of the popularity of stories about artificial beings 1920-30h years.

      The fact that a full artificial intelligence will be created just about to say, and in the '70s, BUT! Today's most powerful supercomputer enough to semmitirovat only half of the rat brain. Modern robots (like ASIMO) is very, very far from possessing artificial intelligence, their every move carefully in advance calculates and programs the group of professional programmers.

      Modern robots as robots in the near future are comparable in intelligence with insects, not to be confused Artificial Intelligence from the stories of science fiction writers and feature films ("I, Robot" has been removed based on Isaac Asimov's short stories) and existing realities:-). If you want to know more about the current intelligence robots, read a book American scientist "Michio Kaku - Physics of the future"

      • Gustavo Ribeiro Team Karlsruhe ist dagegen

        For me it's only a matter of time until it happens. Mechanization has always raised concerns about the impact on human jobs. The average worker is being left behind by new technologies/robots.

        On one hand I think it's cool, futuristic, awesome. But on the other one I'm really worried about the fact that a lot of people are losing their jobs daily because of this.

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