Transport: How should an airport look in future??

Which aspects would an airport have to fulfil?

How big?? Good connections to the next town? (like tram, train, bus.... - maybe for free??) Many Controls?? (different scans??)

Our next Airport is Karlsruhe/Baden-Airpark here the Link:



  • Chris94 Moderator

    In my opinion is the Karlsruhe-Baden Airpark too small for a city like Karlsruhe. We have more than 300,000 inhabitants. One solution might be a new international airport in Karlsruhe (not 40km away) with a direct tram/ train connection. Every airport should have enough parking possibilities.

    • Isabel Le Team Karlsruhe

      I think an essential aspect is, that you are able to come to the airport in many different ways, so that if there is a strike e.g. by the trains, you have another opportunity to arrive at the airport. Recently long-distance busses are becoming more popular. In my opinion there should be besides direct tram/train connections also a bus station for long-distance busses from bigger cities

      • Chris94 Moderator

        I agree with you and it's a good idea with the long- distance busses. ;) The new idea is: An airport with good tram/train connections and a bus station for long-distance busses.

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