Education: How do you imagine school in future??

Everything from home?? via Skype or something else?? Lie in bed during the lessons??


High Tech Classrooms??

What do you think??


  • Isabel Le Team Karlsruhe

    I think New technologies could make it possible for schools Tod cooperate, e.g. classes from different countries could interact with each other by Video conferences. But i think that if the whole education would happen online there could be disadvantages. For example kids would have less time Tod See their friends (nowadays school is actually also a place Tod see peolple, i tjink) or questions may can not be explained that easily Tod pupils.

    • Technology provides schools with the avenue to utilise new ways of teaching, languages may be better enhanced thus increasing opportunity for students to learn about new cultures. However, as Isabel suggested technology needs to be used and monitored in the right to make sure interactions between peers, does not decrease.

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