City of the Future: How do you imagine the city of the future? What makes these cities special? How can we visualize it?

Hey everyone,

My name is max and I am giving a graffiti workshop at the youconf. There are some very important questions that arise when we think about the future of a city like Karlsruhe in 2051:

How do cities of the future look like? What are the special features of the cities?

Think about the visual appearance of city-features from the areas of:

  • education

  • security

  • infrastructure

  • demography

  • housing

Do you think graffiti will still be everywhere in these cities?


  • Liyan Cai Team Karlsruhe

    Hey Guys! We had a meeting of all german participants few days ago and talked about this topic. Here our results about the first and second question:

    • Liyan Cai Team Karlsruhe

      Here are some ideas how we can visualize our results some Graffitis below this sheet .

  • Felicitas Grabow Team Karlsruhe

    I think street art in particular is very important to make a city feel like home, at least to me. When I know that there are people who creatively express themselves and maybe even share important messages with the city by putting them in public spaces, I feel good about the visual appearance of a city.

    • Maximilian Urban Workshopleader

      I fear that developments in security technologies, such as drones with video cameras and sensors will make it very difficult for street artists to follow their work. The cities should declare more legal walls in the cities where inhabitants can express their ideas.

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